Discards – Hugh’s Fish Fight

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall highlighted the wasteful process of throwing away fish in his ‘Fish Fight’ campaign in 2010, which changed European Fisheries Policy.

At the time of the campaign, 50% of the fish caught in the North Atlantic were being thrown back already dead.

These fish were being discarded as the fishers did not have the quota to be able to bring more than a certain amount of a certain species ashore, meaning the rest had to be thrown away. This was a loophole in European Fisheries Policy before the Fish Fight, but the campaign raised public awareness of the issue and encouraged viewers to tweet, email and post their messages of concern and support, which contributed to the decision by Europe’s politicians to ban discards in 2013. An enormous success for Europe’s fisheries.

Hugh also went on to campaign for more Marine Protected Areas in the UK, and to highlight some of the issues surrounding prawn farming.

Read more about Hugh’s Fish fight here

Watch the episodes of Hugh’s Fish Fight here

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