A big part of marine conservation is making people aware of what the problems are. If people don’t know about what’s going on, they won’t know to act or care.

It’s easy to get a bit bogged down in depressing accounts of how we’re taking all the fish, littering the oceans and destroying some fragile marine habitats. But it’s important to remember that it’s not all bad.

Awareness of the problems is leading to some great developments in ocean conservation, both in scientific research and in wider awareness raising, and in the last year or so the hashtag #oceanoptimism has sprung up which makes for cheerier reading.

We’re getting more Marine Protected Areas, starting to deal with some of the plastic in the ocean and are seeing signs of recovery in some fish stocks. It’s early days, but we’re definitely going in the right direction.

Spreading the word about the sea by tagging photos, writing blogs and sharing stories about our amazing marine environment helps inspire a love for the ocean and a sense of ownership over what we’re lucky to have.

There are plenty of positive stories out there and #oceanoptimism is helping to bring them together…check it out on Twitter and join the conversation.

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