Who looks after the high seas?

The High Seas are the vast areas of the ocean which do not fall under national jurisdiction. These areas, which make up nearly two thirds of the ocean, are effectively open to all who have the resources to access and exploit them. Very little marine protection currently exists for the High Seas, but this is all about to change.

In January 2015, representatives from the member countries of the UN all agreed to work towards creating management practices, such as Marine Reserves, to protect the species and habitats that lie outside national jurisdiction. This is a huge step forward and may take some time, but the most important thing is that all 193 countries have agreed that action must be taken. This agreement has come at a critical time. The more of the marine environment that we can protect from harmful human activities, through the establishment of Marine Reserves, the more biodiversity we can preserve for future generations.

Read more about the High Seas here:

Global Ocean Commission – Importance of the High Seas

Pew Charitable Trusts – UN consensus

Greenpeace – Why we need a High Seas Biodiversity Agreement

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