Who doesn’t want to tweet a shark?

I’ve recently discovered the great white shark research being done by the scientists at OCEARCH, and keeping up with the great whites of the world has become a bit addictive.

Global data on mature great whites is lacking and this project is helping to fill the knowledge gap. Sharks are tagged, measured and assessed on a specially adapted research vessel, then released to do their thing in the ocean. Every time they surface for lScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 20.06.41ong enough their tracker will ping and update their location.

This is important research because learning more about these vulnerable individuals gives us a lot more to work with in terms of deciding the most appropriate conservation strategies. The Shark Tracker can also be integrated into the curriculum to get kids learning more about sharks, whilst live-tracking some real ones at the same time.

Turns out, Mary Lee, Carl, Katharine and others are keen on social media and are frequently active on Twitter.

You can also get the Shark Tracker for
your phone, which is definitely going to make the next queue I’m in more interesting.


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