Step up for the sea in 2017

We all know that ‘New Year’s resolutions’ don’t always last, so why not step up for the sea and think of these as lifestyle changes for the oceans instead. They’re just ideas and you don’t have to adopt them all, but remember that all the little things add up.

Tackle our plastic overload

  • Say no to straws.
  • Don’t buy plastic bags.
  • Go plastic free.
Awesome map of ways to cut down on plastic use in daily life. Source. 

Spread the word

  • Tell more people about ocean issues and start conversations. Talk to people, post photos, share stories and watch films.
  • Sign petitions for issues you care about, it really can help.

Distance yourself from the ugly side of the beauty industry

  • Check your skincare/beauty products for microbeads and stop using those that do. You can check here.
  • Switch from disposable face wipes to cotton flannels. Read why here.
Great illustration of the links between us and microplastics in the sea. Source – Beat the Microbead


Don’t fall for convenience

  • Don’t buy overpackaged stuff, especially food.
  • Bring your own takeaway cup to coffee shops, it’s cheaper too.
  • Don’t get takeaway lids.
Nope. Source

Change your diet for the sea

  • Choose sustainable fish. Get the Good Fish Guide app and always check that your choice is sustainable before you buy.
  • Eat less meat and fish.
  • Try out the veggie/vegan life.
The totally invaluable Good Fish Guide – download the app here

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