The weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly

Wolffish, Goblin shark, Viperfish, Vampire squid. These fierce sounding species hang out in the depths of the ocean, doing whatever they do down there, which we actually don’t know a lot about. Much of the deep sea hasn’t been explored by humans, and if you look at this animation you’ll see why. Check out this link before reading the rest to … More The weird, the wonderful and the downright ugly

Our ocean giants

Our ocean giants are the species at the top of the food chain, also known as the apex predators, which roam the oceans with little to fear except us. Sharks, whales and dolphins are all crucial to the health of the oceans but they are under threat from intensive fishing and marine pollution. These huge … More Our ocean giants

Global Fishing Watch

90% of global fisheries are thought to be fully exploited or over-fished (UNFAO, 2014). Global Fishing Watch is a collaboration between SkyTruth, Oceana and Google, who have created this interactive tool where all trackable fishing vessels can be located on a map. It is currently in the prototype stage and it will be available to … More Global Fishing Watch

Which fish?

Choosing sustainable seafood and making ethical choices can make shopping a daunting task. How are you meant to know which to choose? Several handy guides have been produced to help you quickly identify the more sustainable options. These are just a few: National Geographic The National Geographic has produced an interactive ‘Seafood Decision Guide’ which … More Which fish?