Wipes – not as clean as they seem

Face wipes, wet wipes, baby wipes, whichever you use, they’re causing the environment some serious problems and it’s not the first time we’ve heard about it. Disposable, single-use wipes are a menace to the environment. They’re often mislabelled or not labelled clearly enough, and so they’re commonly flushed down the loo. The massive scale of … More Wipes – not as clean as they seem

Marine litter

I’ve sailed past tyres floating in the Solent, fished plastic bottles out of the sea and even had to swerve around a park bench floating in the estuary where I learnt to sail. Marine litter is everywhere: on beaches, near shore and even hundreds of kilometres offshore. You can hear from the round-the-world Volvo Ocean … More Marine litter

Plastic Soup

We’ve got too good at producing plastic and now it’s catching up with us. This is a great motion graphic video selected for the National Geographic Short Film Showcase showing us what plastic pollution is doing to us and the ocean. http://youtu.be/FjT8GG0ETQg Find out more about the project here: http://itsaplasticworld.com/